Invited Talk at the Earth and Atmospheric Science Department

When: October 8th 2021

What:Invited Talk at the Earth and Atmospheric Science Dept. at the University of Houston

Topic:Ice melt near grounding zones of Antarctic glaciers


26th Ka Band conference

On Thursday September 30st Dr. Milillo will chair the Earth Observation session of the 26th Ka Band Conference.

PBS Mentions to Dr. Milillo’s research on Cryosphere

Full article:

NASA Press release: InSAR analysis on the Morandi Bridge (Italy) collapse

NASA JPL Press release presents the latest results related to the analysis of interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data related to the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Italy.


Link to the full press release:

NY Times outlet of Pietro Milillo’s research on Thwaites Glacier

Our research on Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica has been featured by the New York Times